Timplates designers of Word and PowerPoint Templates Timplates designers of Word and PowerPoint Templates

We mainly work with the following types of clients.

Studios and agencies

Our relationship to graphic designers is as a third party supplier; we build templates for design studios in the same way you might outsource a website build, or send a job to print.

How do we work with studios?

We can quote on a template once we’ve had a look at the design files and we can provide some guidance on what may or may not work in Word or PowerPoint, or what functionality might add value for the client.

We then build the templates required and send them off for feedback.

Then we can make any amendments, stand by to answer client questions or make further changes once the templates are in use.

Studios we’ve worked with include:

• Acorn
• Designworks
• Motherbird
• Nose to Tail
• Seesaw
• White Rhino


We work with all kinds of businesses, from corporates to SME’s, creating templates from scratch, reviewing and improving existing templates or formatting large documents.

How do we work with businesses?

If a business has existing brand guidelines, we use these to create templates or we can design them ourselves, based on current look and feel and working with business requirements.

We can also help update existing templates, by improving functionality or just making them look a bit better.

We also work on-site, formatting large documents or creating a suite of templates.

Businesses we’ve worked with include:

• Aesop
• Co-health
• Committee for Melbourne
• Dairy Australia
• Sydney University
• Mutual Trust
• Spotless

Building templates is an important part of our work, but we also design them and train people in how to use them.


Building Templates

The most common templates are for branding packages and they include:

> Letterheads and agendas
> Reports and proposals
> PowerPoint presentations

We specialise in Word and PowerPoint but we can also build templates for software such as Xero, Excel, Keynote or Pages.


Design & Formatting

We’re experienced graphic designers who know how to get the best out of Word and Powerpoint and how to work within corporate guidelines. We can create template designs from scratch or design them to fit requirements.

We’re often required to format large documents, such as tenders or annual reports.


Training & Support

Even the best template can be frustrating if it’s not clear how to use it. We include instructions as sample text within templates, we can supply a PDF user guidelines manual or we can provide a tailored training session, with hard copy manuals for each participant.

We know how difficult it can be to anticipate exactly how a template will be used, so we’re always happy to answer queries and make tweaks after it’s been delivered.


We provide a quote for each new job, but the pricing categories  below will give you a rough idea of what to expect.


This could be a 2 page letterhead or a 4 slide PowerPoint presentation template.

This includes a corporate colour and font theme, static images if required, and an updatable header and/or footer.

“I would recommend Timplates without hesitation to any business looking to develop stationery templates.”

Kirsten Black, Sydney University

$280 +


A standard Word template has up to 4 different pages, with linked text fields and editable images.

A standard PowerPoint could be up to 6 slides, with image placeholders and sample content.

“Timplates were totally understanding of our needs, super fast and easy to work with. I have become very proud of our presentations!”

Zita Watkin, Active Display Group

$520 +


Complex Word or PowerPoint templates have 6 or more pages and can include ‘drop-in’ elements and various column number and page orientations.

“Timplates gave us detailed advice on technical limitations to be mindful of while designing a complicated suite of Word and PowerPoint templates.”

Chris Murphy, Motherbird

$750 +

We’ve been building templates for a long time.

The idea for Timplates started in the Melbourne corporate design world in the early 2000’s. Many years spent in design studios highlighted the importance of good quality templates as part of a brand package project.

As the template work started to gather its own momentum, we decided to embrace templating as an industry in its own right and Timplates was born.

We tackle templates from a designer’s point of view, with a good understanding of the needs of the end user. We don’t shy away from challenging designs, but find a way to make them work. The enjoyable challenge for us is in finding ways of maximising the functionality without compromising your design.

Our Team

Kylie has a background in marketing and project management and is also pretty keen on number-crunching. She understands the pressures of a deadline and the need to make quick turnarounds happen. She’ll make sure the job gets done.

Tim is a graphic designer with experience in both corporate and studio design. An interest in problem solving and an understanding of Word and Powerpoint, led to him specialising in Microsoft templates and the creation of ‘Timplates’.


Cristian is a designer with a history of desktop publishing, illustration and hands-on experience working with Microsoft Office at ground level behind him. His creativity finds an outlet in writing and illustrating graphic novels.


  • Sydney UniversityKirsten Black, Associate Professor

    The process of dealing with Timplates was very rewarding - the project was completed within the assigned time frame, to a very high standard and was reasonably priced. The team communication was outstanding and they responded quickly and accurately to our suggestions.
    I would recommend Timplates without hesitation to any business looking to develop stationery and report templates.

  • DesignworksHolly Gibson, Account Manager

    After being recommended Timplates to help us out with a quick turn around job, I was so impressed with their ability to cater to our needs while remaining flexible, cost effective and most importantly, lightning fast, that they are now a preferred supplier and trusted partner. I would recommend Timplates to anyone wanting to wow clients or partners, as their output is always professional, reliable, and to a very high standard.

  • Nose to TailSimon Hughes, Director

    Over the past six months, our agency has undertaken several rebranding projects for a large corporate company.
    During this time, Timplates have been a wonderful resource, in creating a suite of various Word and Powerpoint templates, with easy to follow instructions for our client.
    In a fast-paced environment, they are professional, quick to respond and very thorough. Thanks to Tim & Kylie for keeping our designers sane during these busy times!

  • PicturelabDamian McGrath

    Picturelab like working with nice people. Timplates are nice people! They happen to be damn good at what they do.
    Nothing is too hard for them, they never talk too much tech, and projects are all delivered as promised. It’s all easy. That's why we love working with them.

  • MotherbirdChris Murphy, Creative Director

    We needed help on a branding project which included a complicated suite of Word and PowerPoint templates and we were referred to Timplates by an industry partner who had nothing but positive things to say.
    They were extremely efficient, professional and were able to give us detailed advice on technical limitations for us to be mindful of while designing. We highly recommend them for anyone who is implementing branded template documents.

  • Seesaw DesignAlex Meadowcroft, Account Manager

    After previously working with a small handful of other developers, I was so relieved to meet Kylie and Tim from Timplates. Right from the outset, their experience, flexibility and willingness to go above and beyond has meant that the work I’ve handed over and the relationships I’ve built with my clients has flourished. It’s great to work with a supplier who I can trust implicitly with quality of work and assurance of turn around.

  • Active Display GroupZita Watkin, Marketing Manager

    I had been looking for a creative template maker for years when I came across Timplates. I needed someone that would understand the creative and bespoke nature of our product offering and help us push traditional templates into a more dynamic space. Timplates were totally understanding of our needs, super fast and easy to work with. I have become very proud of our presentations now! Further to that, I love working with Timplates and the tools that they create.

  • Cato BrandChris Davis, General Manager

    Dealing with Timplates was an absolute breeze, professional customer service, impeccable templates and no fuss billing. All our projects were completed on time and within budget. Their ability to seek out that extra bit of detail allowed us to plan better outcomes for our clients based on thorough industry knowledge. The thing that stands out the most is that when Timplates release a template it’s ready to go, it's been thoroughly tested and we never send them back for rework. I would have no issue recommending Timplates to any other business, they possess a high degree of professionalism with great technical knowledge and a can do attitude - an ideal partner of choice.

  • Blenheim brandSteve Blenheim, Creative Director

    For branding designers needing accurate conversion of their Adobe Suite created items to the likes of MS Word or Powerpoint templates, I couldn’t recommend Timplates highly enough. They are sensitive to the desired design outcomes and always manage to produce user friendly and accurate MS templates, all with a minimum of fuss. Happy designers, happy clients!

  • Melhuish & Co.Kieran Stevens, Production Manager

    Timplates take our static designs and turn them into Microsoft Office templates with the brand colours/fonts preset and macros built in, so our clients can easily create branded documents. No more Times New Roman or Phil from Accounts accidentally deleting the logo... and no one calls us Friday afternoon asking how to insert an image for the office newsletter - because the templates just work.

Contact Us

Timplates is based in the old Lonely Planet Building, which is at 90 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray, in Melbourne. It’s right on the Maribyrnong River.


Office Mobile: 0413 260 579


Landline: 03 8307 0316