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Timplates : Microsoft Word Template Designer

Typically when an organisation, company or brand approach us here at Timplates to create Microsoft Word Templates they will have already have a significant amount of brand collateral. Whether that is Websites, Business Cards and Flyers or full Brand Design & Style Guides. This type of content can be utilised by us to provide a professional Word Template or Theme that is consistent in design, look and feel with teh rest of your brand output.

Clients often require a Word layout, that provides content outlines which allow easy communication of ideas, data and reports to readers whilst the style and formatting is consistent with brand guidelines. With a consistent standardised layout corporate themed Word documents and templates ensure a consistent and professional approach is achieved in your written communications.

When creating a Word Template it is critical that you take a number of things into account. Utilise our experience to speed up the time of delivery for your finished Word Template project by leaning on our years of experience.

A few examples of the kinds of Microsoft Word Templates our clients have commissioned from us:

  • Case Studies
  • Annual Reports
  • RFP Templates
  • Project Scope Templates
  • Service Scope Templates
  • Services Proposals
  • Price Lists
  • Statement of Work Templates

While making a Word layout outline it is critical to mull over the expected substance, utilize and gathering of people for the record. For this situation we considered the way that it was to be utilized as a decipherable scholastic distribution and the requirement for clearness in the data chain of importance. Another key component to figure is the ease of use of style-settings for the people organizing the archives.


Others have written great content on why Word Templates and themes should be used in team environments https://www.howtogeek.com/school/microsoft-word-for-teams/lesson1/all/


Smart Microsoft Word Templates

We can include all manner of Smart elements within your WordPress templates and provide you the opportunity to generate content for print and online distribution utilising a standardised layout, style and typography. Our Word Templates can be used to create content by multiple departments and indivdiuals within your business but always follow a consistent style that is in line with your Brand Guidelines and requirements.

Once new content is created it is a simple process to save as a PDF document for online distribution or indeed for delivery to the printer,

We can ensure your brand and style guidelines are adhered to whilst ensuring information is presented in a visually appealing and professional manner.