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We provide a quote for each new job, but the pricing categories  below will give you a rough idea of what to expect.


This could be a 2 page letterhead or a 4 slide PowerPoint presentation template.

This includes a corporate colour and font theme, static images if required, and an updatable header and/or footer.

“I would recommend Timplates without hesitation to any business looking to develop stationery templates.”

Kirsten Black, Sydney University

$280 +


A standard Word template has up to 4 different pages, with linked text fields and editable images.

A standard PowerPoint could be up to 6 slides, with image placeholders and sample content.

“Timplates were totally understanding of our needs, super fast and easy to work with. I have become very proud of our presentations!”

Zita Watkin, Active Display Group

$520 +


Complex Word or PowerPoint templates have 6 or more pages and can include ‘drop-in’ elements and various column number and page orientations.

“Timplates gave us detailed advice on technical limitations to be mindful of while designing a complicated suite of Word and PowerPoint templates.”

Chris Murphy, Motherbird

$750 +