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We’ve been building templates for a long time.

The idea for Timplates started in the Melbourne corporate design world in the early 2000’s. Many years spent in design studios highlighted the importance of good quality templates as part of a brand package project.

As the template work started to gather its own momentum, we decided to embrace templating as an industry in its own right and Timplates was born.

We tackle templates from a designer’s point of view, with a good understanding of the needs of the end user. We don’t shy away from challenging designs, but find a way to make them work. The enjoyable challenge for us is in finding ways of maximising the functionality without compromising your design.

Our Team

Kylie has a background in marketing and project management and is also pretty keen on number-crunching. She understands the pressures of a deadline and the need to make quick turnarounds happen. She’ll make sure the job gets done.

Tim is a graphic designer with experience in both corporate and studio design. An interest in problem solving and an understanding of Word and Powerpoint, led to him specialising in Microsoft templates and the creation of ‘Timplates’.


Cristian is a designer with a history of desktop publishing, illustration and hands-on experience working with Microsoft Office at ground level behind him. His creativity finds an outlet in writing and illustrating graphic novels.