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We mainly work with the following types of clients.

Studios and agencies

Our relationship to graphic designers is as a third party supplier; we build templates for design studios in the same way you might outsource a website build, or send a job to print.

How do we work with studios?

We can quote on a template once we’ve had a look at the design files and we can provide some guidance on what may or may not work in Word or PowerPoint, or what functionality might add value for the client.

We then build the templates required and send them off for feedback.

Then we can make any amendments, stand by to answer client questions or make further changes once the templates are in use.

Studios we’ve worked with include:

• Acorn
• Designworks
• Motherbird
• Nose to Tail
• Seesaw
• White Rhino


We work with all kinds of businesses, from corporates to SME’s, creating templates from scratch, reviewing and improving existing templates or formatting large documents.

How do we work with businesses?

If a business has existing brand guidelines, we use these to create templates or we can design them ourselves, based on current look and feel and working with business requirements.

We can also help update existing templates, by improving functionality or just making them look a bit better.

We also work on-site, formatting large documents or creating a suite of templates.

Businesses we’ve worked with include:

• Aesop
• Co-health
• Committee for Melbourne
• Dairy Australia
• Sydney University
• Mutual Trust
• Spotless