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Building templates is an important part of our work, but we also design them and train people in how to use them.


Building Templates

The most common templates are for branding packages and they include:

> Letterheads and agendas
> Reports and proposals
> PowerPoint presentations

We specialise in Word and PowerPoint but we can also build templates for software such as Xero, Excel, Keynote or Pages.


Design & Formatting

We’re experienced graphic designers who know how to get the best out of Word and Powerpoint and how to work within corporate guidelines. We can create template designs from scratch or design them to fit requirements.

We’re often required to format large documents, such as tenders or annual reports.


Training & Support

Even the best template can be frustrating if it’s not clear how to use it. We include instructions as sample text within templates, we can supply a PDF user guidelines manual or we can provide a tailored training session, with hard copy manuals for each participant.

We know how difficult it can be to anticipate exactly how a template will be used, so we’re always happy to answer queries and make tweaks after it’s been delivered.